Localized Cryotherapy


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Explore how iCRYO uses local Cryotherapy to get the same benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy, exactly where you need it.

Targeted Pain Relief and Recovery

Benefits of Local Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy is similar to whole body cryotherapy, except the cold is applied through a small handheld device and targeted specifically where you need it the most providing you with the following benefits:

Reduce localized inflammation
Reduce appearance of scarring
Improve skin conditions
Headache relief
Get rid of wrinkles
Relieve pain from inflammation
Improve your physical performance

Get rid of those aching pains, and take care of your skin simultaneously. Improve your athletic performance and appearance all in just a matter of moments.

Look Like a New You
Local cryotherapy is used to reduce inflammation, cellulite, and scarring making it great for skin health and rejuvenation.
Live Pain Free
Certain parts of your body need more relief than others. Local cryotherapy targets specific areas on your skin to reduce pain where you need it the most.
Recover Like an Athlete
Local cryotherapy is used to minimize pain and swelling. Experience the healing benefits of this service after an extreme workout and receive the same recovery top-athletes use.
Frequently Asked Questions

Local Cryotherapy FAQ

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What is local cryotherapy?
Local Cryotherapy provides the same key benefits as traditional cryotherapy. While whole body cryotherapy applies the cold to your entire body, localized cryotherapy targets specific parts of your body. Local cryotherapy helps you target the spots that need the most attention.
How long is a localized cryotherapy session?
A localized cryotherapy session only takes minutes to complete and leaves you with benefits that far exceed what traditional icing can provide. Our guests frequently combine this with whole body cryotherapy, which similarly only takes a few minutes.
How does local cryotherapy work?
Local cryotherapy uses a small, handheld device to apply the cold nitrogen gas to a specific target area, such as the neck, elbow, knee, ankle, etc. This process increases blood flow to the targeted area and boosts your body's natural healing processes.
How does localized cryotherapy feel?
Localized cryotherapy exposes your skin the extreme cold. Our highly trained staff will talk you through the process and ensure you have a comfortable experience. The area quickly rewarms after the session.

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